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Low Water Pressure at Home? Check Out These Tips and Hacks from Parker Pumps

November 22, 2021

Low water pressure is likely causing homeowners to experience an inadequate or a slow supply of water throughout the day. When this low pressure happens with water, it causes washing machines, dishwashers and bathtubs to fill too slowly to suit the homeowners. At times, there are definite causes for the pressure to be inadequate that requires a solution, but at other times, you may just need to install one of the household pressure pumps that are available on the market today.

Reasons for Low Water Pressure

Pressure at the water main is one cause for low water pressure. If this is the issue, then the water company has a low basic setting for your house. You may or may not be able to have the water company adjust the pressure. Clogs in the water lines also can slow water down to a crawl and at times, completely stop it. Breaks in the lines allow the water to flow into unwanted areas of the home instead of through the pipe system. The wrong size of pipes may be in the house for the water to flow at a desirable rate. Water heaters can restrict the flow on some level, depending on the model that you have in your house.

Address the Causes Whenever Possible

Discover a solution for the cause of the low water pressure whenever possible before installing one of the household pressure pumps. After all, you may find that you do not require one of these pumps once you solve the cause. If the water company is the cause, it may not budge on the water pressure. In addition, you may still suffer low water pressure even if you solve all the issues that may be causing it.

Install a Pressure Pump When There Is No Other Solution

When you cannot find a viable solution to the low pressure, then you should consider installing a pressure pump in your house to increase the water pressure up to a desirable level. At this point, the pump is your only answer to the issue of inadequate water pressure.

Advantages to Installing Your Pressure Pump

The main benefit of installing your pressure pump is that you will be in charge of the water pressure. You will be able to set the pressure to a convenient level instead of impatiently waiting for the water to fill appliances, tubs or other items. Pressure pumps serve other purposes than just delivering water to your home at a preferable rate. You may need one of these pumps in your swimming pool, garden pond or other areas of your property for other uses. Whatever your need is, you will be pleased that you choose to reap the rewards of installing one of these household pressure pumps.

At Parker Pumps, you will find a wide range of pumps to meet all needs. We have been in the business of pumps for 50 years and have developed an extensive knowledge of pumps and customer needs.

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