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Onga Pool Pumps Dealer in Melbourne: Why Choose Parker Pumps?

December 9, 2019

Owning a swimming pool doesn’t mean that filling in it with water is enough to make everything work. There are specific elements that help you make your pool somewhat safe to go in for your family or friends. What makes it safe and clean is the chemical that you put into the water of your pool. 

The flow of your water’s pool is regulated by a special device called pool pumps. Pool pumps can be equated with our own heart since they can generate the flow of water needed as well as process it. They carry the water from the pool to the filter, heater, and chlorinator so that the pool water is filtered, heated, and sanitised before people can enter the pool. 

The special functionality of your pool pumps makes it possible for people to swim in the pool all day without worrying about getting sick. With pool pumps, all debris and unwanted materials are filtered out. Unwanted algae and bacteria are also removed since the pool pumps can help distribute the chemicals that fight them.

Features of Onga Pool Pumps

Onga, a manufacturing company, produces the best pool pumps in the world. They have become the world leader when it comes to innovative and dependable pool pumps that are frequently used in swimming pools and spas all over the world. They have among the highest standards of precision when it comes to manufacturing pool pumps. 

Onga pool pumps are dependable and long-lasting. They are built with the highest quality and are deemed safe by the inspecting authorities. One favourite feature of Onga pool pumps is that they operate quietly, which can be optimal for pools that are running at any time of the day. Moreover, their pool pumps are efficient when it comes to power consumption, cutting down a huge amount of cost on your utility bills.

The whole line-up of Onga pool pumps is as follows: 

Leisuretime Pool Pump – The Leisuretime Pool Pump is the entry-level pool pump offered by Onga that have self-aligning barrel unions. They are ideal for small to medium above ground pool systems since they have electrophoretic coated end-shield. 

Pantera Pool Pump – The Pantera Pool Pumps are designed to offer reliable and efficient pump operations. They have a unique moulded end-shield cover and lip seal to protect the pump from water damage. These pool pumps can work on in-ground or above ground pools.

Silentflo Pool Pump  The Silentflo Pool Pumps are moulded with Pentair’s innovative thermoplastic composite resin that gives the pump toughness and corrosion resistance. This material build also helps the pool pumps provide ultra-quiet operations. 

Onga Eco 800  For new or existing pools, the Onga Eco 800 can give the perfect combination between efficiency and performance. This kind of pool pumps has advanced hydraulic design that can deliver energy savings and power that you need. Also, you get to reduce your carbon footprint with this pool pump.

Choose Parker Pumps

These Onga pool pumps are readily offered by Parker Pumps. At Parker Pumps, we make sure that we give you the best quality of pool pumps for your swimming pool and spa needs. We have a long-range of low-priced economical pumps through high-quality long-life pumps that are made by the best manufacturers worldwide. Aside from selling them, we can also service and repair them if needed whether on your location or in our workshop. 

With more than 40 years of experience, we at Parker Pumps have been an authorised dealer and repairer of Onga pool pumps. With the aforementioned qualities, we make sure that we only provide the best for all our consumers without any compromises.

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