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Parker Pumps: Supplying Commercial Spaces with Optimal Sewer Function

February 13, 2024

Parker Pumps


Optimise sewer function in your commercial space with reliable Parker pumps. Maintain efficient wastewater management with sewer pumps! Call (03) 5229 7443.

Commercial buildings rely on various water systems to ensure they maintain cleanliness and hygiene throughout their operations. One of the systems they must integrate into their design is the wastewater system. A central component of this system is a sewer pump, particularly one that is designed to meet the demands of commercial processes.

Sewer Pumps for Commercial Use

A sewer pump, also known as a sewage or effluent pump, is a specialised device meant to transport wastewater from a building to municipal sewer lines or septic systems. It is built to handle solid waste, preventing clogs and guaranteeing an efficient flow of wastewater away from a property.

Designed for commercial demands, commercial sewer pumps can provide businesses with their needed wastewater drainage through sustained, reliable pumping operations. Some components of these pumps that can help achieve this goal are as follows.

• Impeller: The impeller is an important component of commercial sewer pumps, creating the necessary force to move wastewater. It can handle solid waste and prevent clogging.

• Motor: Sewer pumps are equipped with powerful motors that can pump wastewater against gravity and through pipelines.

• Float Switch: Some sewer pumps take advantage of a float switch that activates the pump when the wastewater reaches a certain level.

• Check Valve: The check valve prevents the backflow of wastewater into the pump. This component ensures a one-way flow that can minimise potential system issues.

Benefits of Parker Sewer Pumps

We, at Parker Pumps, offer sewer pumps that can be useful for commercial buildings. Some of our offerings include sewer pumps from Ebara, Lowara, Grundfos, and Zenit. They range in size from 0.75 kW to 100 kW, covering the needs of various commercial properties.

Through our sewer pump offerings, we can ensure long-lasting performance. These sewer pumps are made from durable components that allow them to run round-the-clock without failure. Their motors are also powerful enough to transport high volumes of solids typical of commercial spaces without the risk of jamming or compromised flow.

Working with us at Parker Pumps likewise lets building owners maximise sewer pumps that are tailored to their needs. We consider existing infrastructure, unique space considerations, and expected waste volumes, making sure the pumps integrated into their wastewater management system feature the correct sizing and functionality.

Sewer Pumps: Best Applications

Our sewer pumps at Parker Pumps can be utilised by many commercial properties.

Restaurants and food service establishments, for instance, can benefit from our sewer pumps to effectively handle large volumes of wastewater generated in kitchens, ensuring the efficient disposal of grease and food particles. Shopping malls and retail centres can also maximise sewer pumps to manage wastewater generated by restrooms and food establishments. Other commercial spaces that can use our sewer pumps are office buildings and manufacturing facilities.

Parker Pumps offers sewer pumps that can ensure the efficient management of wastewater, directing it away from business operations. Their reliability, combined with proper maintenance and occasional upgrades, can help secure a seamless and hygienic environment.

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