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Telltale Signs that Your Sewage Pump Must Either Be Replaced or Repaired

May 26, 2021

Residential, commercial, and industrial properties all utilise sewage pump as part of their whole wastewater disposal system. A sewage pump is a type of pump that helps in transferring sewage liquids and solids from the property towards a septic tank or a sewer system. This type of pump is typically submerged at the lowest point of the sewage basin, which is intended to collect and contain wastewater.

The presence of a sewage pump can be beneficial for property owners. For one, a sewage pump can prevent the build-up of both sewage liquids and solids inside the property. The working principles of this pump allow it to remove the waste materials away from the property. Another benefit of a sewage pump is that it can establish an even flow of wastewater from the property towards the septic tank or sewer system. Ultimately, a sewage pump can remove wastewater very quickly, avoiding any instances of clogs.

Given the importance of a sewage pump, property owners should check it regularly. If your sewage pump, however, manifests the following signs, then it must be replaced or repaired immediately.

Failure to Start

One common sign of a faulty sewage pump is its inability to start successfully. A lot of activities inside a property rely on the functionality of a sewage pump. If it fails to start effectively, the wastewater will be stuck on the drain lines, which can then generate more issues along the way. A failing sewage pump might lead to the presence of dirty water in the core areas of your property. It might also cause some serious clogs on the pipes. A sewage pump that does not start may have some electrical issues or a blown fuse. It might likewise fail if it has been running for a very long time.

Bizarre Noise

Another telltale sign that your sewage pump needs repair or replacement is the existence of bizarre noise around it. Just like other types of machine, a sewage pump can generate sound during its day-to-day operations. However, if it suddenly produces noise that is peculiar and odd, then there might be something wrong with its components. Clanging or banging noises typically means that the structure and components of the sewage pump have some problems. There might also be some elements or particles inside the sewage pump that are ruining the operations of its core components.

Constant Cycling

A sewage pump cycles on and off during its operations. However, if your sewage pump cycles constantly, then it needs to be checked and possibly repaired. A constantly cycling sewage pump might be caused by a poorly or improperly adjusted switch. It might also be caused by a burnt-out motor. The components that command the pump to turn on or off during its cycles might likewise have some issues over their general quality. Having the sewage pump checked, repaired, or replaced might resolve the constant cycling issue. Failure to solve this problem might only lead to more costly issues.

If you need help in repairing or replacing your sewage pump, feel free to call us at Parker Pumps.

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