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Water Filter Products

Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

This effectively eliminates 98% of all dissolved impurities, heavy metals, salts, viruses, bacteria, cysts, fluoride & chloride, chlorine, taste, odour, and chemicals. Only pure, sparkling clear water from your own water supply is left for your health, safety and peace of mind. We are able to supply systems from 194 litres per day to 5,000 litres per day.

Under Sink Filter Sets

Features all the filtration technology in one economical system that produces beautiful sparkling clear water reducing chlorine, taste, odour, chemicals and sediment. The luxury of your own safe, purified water is provided in this very affordable system for all your drinking water requirements.

Single Under Sink Filter

PureMix X6 incorporates the most advanced Quad Action Filtration Technology. Water passes through the 4 stage filtration process with no bypass. The Radial flow design ensures maximum contact time with contaminants for maximum efficiency.

Fridge Replacement Filters

This Puretec RF Series fridge replacement filter cartridges contain a compressed carbon block which provides tremendous capacity to remove and/or reduce impurities and sediment that may be present in your drinking water. These cartridges can catalytically breakdown other impurities very similar to the way a catalytic converter works in your automobile. This process ensures that you are getting the cleanest and best tasting water possible.

Fluoride Removal Filters

Whole House Filtration Systems

Puretec WH2 Series filtration system is the appropriate choice for providing safe, clean, healthy water throughout the house, or the office.

The Puretec WH2 Series is a logical choice for people concerned about sediments and chemicals in drinking water or when showering and will improve quality of life. The system provides spring water quality water throughout the house and is affordable for all.

UV Light Systems

Environmentally-friendly and chemical free, the Puretec R Series UV water purification is a natural process that adds no chemicals and does not affect the taste or odour of water.

Other methods, such as those that use chlorine, may create harmful chemicals that have been linked with serious illnesses, such as cancer. Maintenance is simple and can be completed in minutes - without tools. Featuring an audible alarm and a LED operating light – which means you are in control 24/7.

Replacement Filters

Puretec water filter cartridges offer industry leading sediment filtration, odour, volatile chemicals and pesticides leaving healthy clean tasting water for all your home or business. Our extensive cartridges are designed for specific needs - from Sediment, Carbon, Inline & Aftermarket and Fridge filters.